Starbucks and Crown Royal face America’s issues head-on

Today at work, I was lucky enough to notice two eye-catching stories on Twitter. Both involve a national brand using some outstide-the-box marketing strategies.

And, both campaigns make me love the brands even more.

Starbucks July 4 Indivisible Coffee

Starbucks is giving away free coffee on July 4 to unite the nation.

Crown Royal - Safe Rides Home

Crown Royal sponsors a program called Safe Rides Home

First, I noticed that Crown Royal was sponsoring a Trending Topic on Twitter. #SafeRidesHome has been trending all day long across the country, and I know from experience in Twitter advertising that running a campaign like that is far from cheap.

But that’s only a fraction of what Crown Royal has done for this campaign. After doing some further research, I’ve learned that the Safe Rides Home program is actually in it’s eighth year, and is basically a designated driver program that visits major cities throughout America and organizes safe rides home from major sporting events.

Drunk driving is, obviously, a major issue in our society, and that really complicates things for alcohol brands who, obviously, stand to benefit from the sale of large quantities of alcohol. I think it’s really responsible, and a great move, for alcohol companies to try to reduce the negative effects of drinking their products.

Another beverage company, Starbucks, is also doing some social marketing. It’s pretty well known that the CEO of the company, Howard Schultz, is very concerned with the state of our country, and a big proponent of bi-partisanship, in terms of politics.

Starbucks has introduced the Indivisible campaign, and is basically urging the country to come together, join forces, and turn the political landscape around.

Furthermore, the company has stated on Facebook, “To spark the conversation in our stores, your local Starbucks will proudly serve everyone a free tall hot brewed coffee on the Fourth of July.”

What could be better than free Starbucks, celebrating our nation’s birth, and coming together as an indivisible population, regardless of political beliefs.

I never knew that Starbucks and Crown Royal would have anything in common, but both are marketing to consumers in non-standard ways, and they’re both using social media platforms to spread the word.

Are you more likely to buy products from a company that engages in giving back to the community, like these companies are?


About Jim Mignano

Jim Mignano is a young professional practicing and learning Public Relations in Rochester, NY. He is passionate about the possibilities that digital media provide and loves utilizing new platforms for a variety of functions. James' blog is about people and the technology they use. It's about communication and persuasion... the old and the new ways of doing things... the struggle between sticking to the tried, true recipes and experimenting with intuitive, innovative ideas. It's an extension and reflection of James himself: the convergence of ambition & ability.
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