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A few days later, I feel like the presidential dust has settled. Now in the aftermath, we are free to reflect on what was the without a doubt the first social election. Were you on Twitter during election night? If … Continue reading

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Sweden gives Twitter access away to showcase personalities, lifestyles of citizens

This week, I learned that the country of Sweden has been giving access to the nation’s official Twitter account to a new person each week. In other words, one lucky Swede gets to represent the entire country for a week … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Promoted Posts gets mixed reactions

Anyone that manages a Facebook page for a brand will very shortly see a significant difference, if they haven’t already. Promoted Posts are a way for businesses to pay a fee to put their updates in front of more of … Continue reading

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Place your bets! Facebook’s future

This is a guest post by Mark Trova. Read more about him at the bottom of the page, and make sure to follow him for great reporting on business and politics. Facebook is the largest social network in history. With … Continue reading

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