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Criteria for Successful Leaders

I spent most of the last year as an intern with Carestream Health, and those close to me know exactly how positive of an experience I had there. From the beginning to the end of my time in Worldwide Marketing … Continue reading

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Learning 2.0 – Digital Tools for the Student

As the end of September draws near, the first semester of my Junior year of college is well underway. Group projects, essays, and tests are an almost-everyday¬†occurrence, and sometimes I wonder how receiving the grades that I want to receive … Continue reading

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Social Revolution: Part 1 – Reading

Is it just me, or is the world we live in changing at a mind-blowing pace? Call me crazy, but I honestly think that we’re in the midst of what will one day be widely known as the Social Revolution. … Continue reading

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How Starbucks builds loyal customers

Have you ever noticed that people are really loyal to their favorite coffee brand? Dunkin’ Donuts, Tim Horton’s, or Starbucks… some people get completely offended at the thought of drinking coffee that isn’t their preference. I’m one of them! I … Continue reading

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